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The Pursuit of Excellence - A Coleman Collection Story

It was a frustrating experience. That’s the only way we could describe how it felt searching for the timepiece we were looking for. The funny thing was finding a nice watch design wasn’t hard. Finding quality watches with automatic movement wasn’t hard either. But we still couldn’t work it out, there was a problem, and it didn’t make sense. It didn’t matter how many shop front windows we walked past, how many doors we were buzzed into to browse watch collections, how many service attendants we spoke to, it was consistently the same result... Two frustrated watch enthusiasts who wanted something, something specific, and wouldn’t compromise.

But what was it exactly that we wanted and simply couldn’t find? EVERYTHING! We wanted it all! Why couldn’t we find a watch that not only provided a complete luxury experience from the design of the watch itself all the way down to the packaging, not only oozed with attention to detail, not only utilized automatic movement, but had in fact had it ALL of those elements at an affordable price??! Defeated, we concluded that it either didn’t exist, or it was too hard to find.

We had set out with the budget of $300, and on that day not only could we not find a luxury watch experience for $300 or less, but we couldn’t even come close. We struggled to find a true luxury watch experience for under $500.

We were baffled. How could any watch enthusiast who didn’t have $1,000s just laying around ever discover what it was like to own a little piece of luxury? How could you ever experience the joy of acquiring something you considered so precious you almost don’t want to take it out of the box?

What kind of watch experience could a hard working father gift his son graduating from college? A groom to his groomsmen? A student? A working professional trying to pay the rent and get by? What could anyone without $1,000’s find to make them feel proud of their wrist art?

Well, we found out very quickly, they simply couldn’t. There just didn’t seem to be a luxury watch experience in existence that could be purchased at a FAIR price!

Our minds began working. Not immediately, but over time we began researching for a solution. By design or by chance we stumbled on something remarkable! Something we believed could change the game.

We discovered that, if we sourced each watch component we wanted out of a luxury watch experience independently and in bulk, we just may be able to make it work.

After a LOT of tweaking, we discovered that we could indeed, create the full luxury watch experience, at the fair price we were striving for.

As luxury watch enthusiasts ourselves we were tired of seeing brands bring low quality quartz watches into a market space and cornering watch buyers just because they couldn’t afford more. Our discovery lead us on a journey to create excellence. We’ve been able to source some of the highest quality components we could from around the globe to bring you a watch buying experience to remember.


The Movement

All of our timepieces use mechanical - automatic movements specifically selected and sourced directly from expert timepiece craftsmen in Japan, renown for precision and durability.

Italian Leather Strap

You will instantly notice the weight and quality feel this movement brings to your timepiece.

Our Full grain Leather straps are sourced straight from Italy. The look and feel of this premium leather compared to inferior grades stands out remarkably and adds to the durability and luxury feel of your timepiece.  


Sapphire Crystal Window

One of the most scratch resistant materials on the planet and is used by most, if not all of luxury brands like Rolex whose pricing runs into the $10,000s. We were thrilled when we discovered we were able to include sapphire crystal for all of our timepieces, enhancing durability overall, and preventing wear and tear.


Marine Grade Stainless Steel 316L

Our casing is comprised of a specifically selected grade of steel that is known for its extremely high tolerance to corrosion in marine, and freshwater environments. Chosen to ensure your timepiece is water resistant (5ATM), and  also has the ability to withstand high temperatures without compromise.



Luxury Display Case

Finally, to round out the experience for each of our collectors, we’ve innovated the packaging to become your very own luxury display case with engraved authenticity key.... The box is big and heavy which meant the cost to us skyrocketed… We didn’t care.

We believe you will love each collecting experience with us here at Coleman Collection Watches.



After scrutinising every aspect of our watch buying experience, we were finally happy. Happy enough to give our first collection a name… Open-Heart

Our early collectors have absolutely loved their experience buying with us and have been sending in photos of them with their timepieces at all types of occasions.

Our mission is to create the best watch buying experience in the world for under $1,000, we will continue to strive and improve with all upcoming designs.

Now it’s over to you. Become a Coleman Collector today and join our family…


See you on the inside…