Meet the watch brand that's combined minimalist style with luxury quality

Meet the watch brand that's combined minimalist style with luxury quality


Watches have always been a collector’s delight.

With innumerable styles to cater to all tastes, luxury watches are available from trusted manufacturing giants that continue to dominate the watch industry.

From classic Swiss timepieces that are cherished for life. to affordable quartz watches there is no shortage of designs and styles. However, not everyone is willing to spend thousands of dollars on a luxury watch brand.

One of the hottest trends in recent years is the minimalist watch design. The watch offers enthusiasts a stylish alternative at an affordable price, but the strap, watch face, movement and additional features are kept to a bare minimum. In most cases the movements used are quartz and some have been known to not be the best quality.

So the question is, is the minimalist watch bubble about to burst? If a brand came along and created a luxury experience, would you divert?


We’ve recently come across a brand we have quietly been observing from inception, and liked the concept they’ve been pursuing. Fresh from their launch, Coleman Collection Watches have set out to combine elements of minimalism through their simple design, whilst also significant ramping up the quality of each component crafted. This company is charging to create a new sub-category of watch which includes Minimalist design AND quality Automatic movement.

We have placed our order for their Open-Heart flagship model and will check the timepiece out for ourselves before promoting Coleman Collection Watches to our followers.

If quality watches for under $300 are your thing, Coleman Collection Watches could be onto something for you, we will keep you posted.


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