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Twenty eight-year-old watch enthusiast Todd Hamam grew up in Glenelg, backpacked through Europe and North America after leaving the University of Adelaide before heading to the eastern states on his return to Australia.

Mr Hamam is now back in his home state – and beloved beachside suburb – working to establish his newly-launched Coleman Collection of men’s watches.

He hopes to soon add a ladies’ range to the fledgling collection he describes as “high quality but affordable”.

Mr Hamam says he first sketched the design of his newly-released watch before hiring a freelancer to create a 3D model of it.

“I had to learn everything but drew inspiration from the finest brands around the world,” he said.

Todd’s aim was to create a luxury watch for an affordable price.

“After countless hours spent researching the watch industry and subsequently testing various concepts, I realised if I could source the highest quality watch parts independently, I could create an almost identical luxury watch experience at a fraction of the cost.

“(My aim) was to emulate a luxury watch experience without the $1000-plus price tag (and) this brand bridges the gap between affordable and luxury men’s watches.”

He’s especially proud of the leather packaging the watches are presented in – and the brand’s name is deeply personal.

“Coleman was the surname of a great friend who inspired me to pursue my dreams no matter what,” he said.

“(And) I decided on the name ‘Coleman Collection’ because I wanted the brand to hold an air of exclusivity, making people feel special that they own part of a collection of high quality timepieces.”

For now, he sources the components from overseas and the watches are also built offshore and only available online at

However, he’s hoping the new collection which retails for about $275, will be picked up and stocked by local retailers – the company’s Instagram page has already amassed more than 12,000 followers.

“The first production round is limited to only 290 pieces,” he said.

“I am bursting at the seams to unroll the red carpet and start providing this experience to our very first collectors.”